Middle/High School

Our middle and high school Bible programs enable students to integrate the Word of God into their daily lives through a thorough study of the Bible.
Our accredited middle and high school math courses at Grace cover a variety of material ranging from working with positive and negative numbers in Pre-Algebra to working with bell curves in Statistics.
Our accredited middle and high school English and Literature programs focus on providing pieces of literature that encompass the literary canon, as well as short stories, poems, and novels that illustrate biblical principles.
Our accredited science programs are focused on teaching science from a Biblical perspective. Students learn that God is the creator of science itself and is the ultimate Creator of all life.
Social Studies
Our accredited social studies programs enable our students to learn a broad array of historical information, from Creation to the 21st century. Students develop a new appreciation for the wonders of God’s creation.
Foreign Language
As part of the series of required courses to graduate, GRACE requires that each student passes Spanish I and Spanish II. In addition, students that would like further study, we also offer Spanish III and French as an independent study.