Seventh Grade

Semester 1 – The Life of Christ

Through this dynamic study, our 7th grade students will explore the four gospels and will gain a better understanding of the birth, life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Christ. They will focus on the miracles of Jesus, His interactions with his apostles, His teachings, and His preparation for the atoning sacrifice that He made for us all on the cross of Calvary. During this study, students will also better understand the deity and humanity of Christ and how they operate together throughout His perfect life on earth.

Semester 2 – “Wise Up”

During the second semester, our seventh grade students will be led through an in-depth study in the book of Proverbs. They will look at the life of Solomon, his background that led to the writing of the book, and how each of the 31 chapters of wisdom are applicable to Christian living in today’s world. Students will understand the difference between knowledge and wisdom and how to enact godly wisdom in their daily decision making.

Eighth Grade

Semester 1 – The book of Acts

During the first semester, our eighth graders will learn, through an academically rigorous, yet age appropriate curriculum the significance of the book of Acts. They will be taught about the inception of the church, the life of Peter, the life of Paul, and the acts of the apostles as they were tasked with proclaiming the truth of Jesus Christ after his ascension into heaven.

Semester 2 – Revelation

During the second semester, our eighth graders will be led through an in-depth study in the book of Revelation. They will learn about end-times prophecy as it appears in both the Old and New Testaments. In addition, they will study the correlation between the book of Revelation and the events that took place in the Garden of Eden that originally separated man from a relationship with God. Through this study, students will walk through each chapter in the book of Revelation, and will learn what John is trying to teach us as he prepares us for what is to come at the end of time. Students will also be exposed to the different views regarding the millennial reign of Christ, the rapture of the church, and the tribulation period.

Ninth Grade

Semester 1 – “Life Fully”

During the first semester, our ninth grade students will be led in relevant study regarding how to life the Christian life to its fullest. This class will introduce the differing worldview and how they effect the thinking of those that adhere to them. It will also teach students how to effectively live their faith in a world that screams that God is not relevant to their daily lives. Ultimately, it teaches students how to recognize the downfalls of secular culture and how to boldly stand up for their Christian faith.

Semester 2 – “Blueprints”

During the second semester, our ninth graders will study the second part of the “Live Fully” curriculum, which is entitled “Blueprints.” This course teaches our students how to prepare themselves each day to be successful in their Christian life. It teaches the importance of Godly decision making, the need to set their foundation on Christ, and the impact that a “rocky foundation” will have on them for the rest of their lives. This is a practical application course and strives to continue teaching our students to make their faith their own.

Tenth Grade

Semester 1 & 2 – The book of Genesis

During this in-depth, year long study in the book of Genesis, our students will walk through each chapter, reading and studying every verse present. Students will begin the year with an in-depth study of the creation account, the differing views on creation, and what can be determined about creation based on what the Bible teaches. Then, specific emphasis will be placed on the patriarchs and the covenants between them and God that are present throughout the book. This course will give students an excellent, college level understanding of the “book of beginnings,” how humanity began, how the nation of Israel came into existence, and the lessons that God intends us to learn by looking at the lives of those present during that time.

Eleventh Grade

Semester 1 – “Understanding the Times”

During the first semester, our juniors will embark on the journey of studying and understanding the six major worldview that are present in our world. They will study the impact of each worldview in previous cultures and in our present world as well. This course will give significant background information regarding the origination of each worldview, how it became a prevalent belief system, what its strong points are, and what its weaknesses are. Then, it will compare each worldview to Christianity in an effort to determine the similarities and differences. Finally, it will authenticate Christianity by having students look at the world as it actually exists, look at the doctrines of each worldview, compare them to Christianity, and determine that Christianity accurately answers the questions of and reflects the truth about the world around us.

Semester 2 – “Ethics and Evangelism”

During the second semester, our juniors will take and ethics and evangelism course. During the first nine weeks, this course will cover topics such as capital punishment, euthanasia, abortion, marriage, divorce, homosexuality, pre-marital sex, pornography, and suicide. It will look at the ethical dilemmas that each of these topics present to the Christian and how they should be approached. The course will provide material that supports both sides of these arguments and then will end the discussion on each topic by thoroughly examining what the Bible teaches about each issue.

After completing the first half of the semester, students will end their junior year in Bible class with an in-depth nine-week study on how to effectively share their faith. They will learn how to write and share their testimony, how to practice servant evangelism and how to effectively witness to people who need to hear about the love of Jesus. In addition, they will learn effective methods for sharing their faith, such as the “Romans Road,” “Share Jesus without Fear,” and “One Verse Evangelism.”

Twelfth Grade

Semester 1 & 2 – Systematic Theology

Our seniors will engage in a year-long, in-depth study of the major doctrines of the Christian faith: Revelation, God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, Humanity, Sin, Salvation, the Church, Angels, and the Final States. Systematic theology is an approach to doing theology that integrates biblical, historical, philosophical, psychological and practical insights into a coherent belief system. We also emphasize the application of theology to real-life situations. Most importantly, though, we answer the questions regarding the existence of God, the reliability of the Bible, the truth of Jesus, and how we can defend our faith to those who do not believe.

UNIT 1: Prolegomena – INTRODUCTORY MATTERS of Systematic Theology
UNIT 2: Bibliology – The Doctrine of SCRIPTURE
UNIT 3: Theology Proper – The Doctrine of GOD
UNIT 4: Christology – The Doctrine of CHRIST
UNIT 5: Pneumatology – The Doctrine of the HOLY SPIRIT
UNIT 6: Anthropology – The Doctrine of MAN
UNIT 7: Hamartiology – The Doctrine of SIN
UNIT 8: Soteriology – The Doctrine of SALVATION & SANCTIFICATION
UNIT 9: Ecclesiology – The Doctrine of the CHURCH
UNIT 10: Angelology – The Doctrine of ANGELS
UNT 11: Eschatology – The Doctrine of FINAL STATES