This year, our K5 class will be using the following Abeka curriculum:

Note: Our Accelerated Reading Group begins reading very early in the school year and does not spend as much time as the Traditional Reading Group on basic phonics rules. Since the Accelerated Reading Group starts early, the students are able to cover many more advanced phonics sounds. Our Accelerated Reading Group has a strong focus on reading, writing and comprehension. The remainder of the curriculum is the same for both classes.

Language Arts:

Phonics and Reading:
Recognition of name, sound, and picture of long and short vowels and consonants
Sounding of blends, one- and two-vowel words, and words with special sounds
Beginning phonics rules and special sounds
Reading of sentences and stories from twelve books containing one- and two-vowel words and special sounds

Manuscript Writing:
Letters, blends, words, and sentences
Writing of name

Recognition of sentences by capital letters and periods

Thirteen poems committed to memory


God’s Plan for Seeds

Health and Human Biology:
God’s Plan for Me

God’s Plan for Animals
God’s Plan for the Seashore

Earth and Space:
God’s Plan for Weather
God’s Plan for Seasons


Number recognition, counting, and writing 1-100
Using number words 1-10 and first-tenth
Number concepts 1-100
Value of coins and dollar bill
Numbers before and after 1-100
Numbers largest and smallest 1-100
Counting and writing by tens to 100
Counting and writing by fives to 100
Counting and writing by twos to 100
Addition facts through 10
One-step story problems in addition
Telling Time
Using the calendar
Number sequences by ones
Days of the week
Beginning subtraction

Social Studies:

Community Helpers
Children of the World
America: Our Great Country (map studies, famous Americans and places)


Familiar Bible stories emphasizing Bible doctrine. Lessons included on Salvation, Genesis, and the Life of Christ.