This year, our K4 class will be using the following Abeka curriculum:

Language Arts:

Phonics and Reading:
Recognition of name, sound, and picture of long and short vowels and consonants
Sounding of blends and one- and two-vowel words
Reading of sentences and stories with one- and two-vowel words

Manuscript Writing:
Formation of letters, blends, and words
Writing of first name

Twenty-eight poems and finger plays committed to memory

Language development and listening skills that include color words, shapes, animals, transportation, countries, community helpers, health, safety, manners, science



Number recognition and counting 1-100
Number concepts 1-20
Numbers before and after 1-20
Numbers largest and smallest



We will be learning about God and His Son Jesus. Our book includes 19 Old Testament stories, 26 New Testament stories, and a Thanksgiving story.