Bible: The course is a comprehensive program in a format which is easy to follow and will lead  students into a greater understanding of God and His plans for their lives. This is the heart of  Christian education.  

Art: The art program for K5 introduces kindergarteners to many of the basic concepts of art  through a variety of arts and crafts projects. 

Social Studies: The object of this course is for kindergarteners to be introduced to community  helpers, the history of our country, other countries, and simple geography. We also have special  events where we invite community helpers to come to our classroom and share about their  jobs. Students will also realize that God loves not just them, but children all around the world as  well.  

Language Arts: Students begin by learning the sounds of the vowels and progress to reading  blends and words. Students read a series of books prepared especially for their age level. These  books help students to master the phonics rules they are learning. The students learn  handwriting through the ball and stick method. This Language Arts program lays the foundation  for the basic strokes of handwriting. In addition, this program covers positional words,  opposites, rhyming words, drama, poetry, analogies, and recognition of incorrectly used words.  

Math: Students will learn to apply mathematics skillfully in order to function in daily life. They  will understand and learn that addition and subtraction are a part of the truth and order that  God has built into reality. Students will also be able to understand simple, intermediate, and  advanced kindergarten math, as the year progresses. 

Science: Kindergarteners gain understanding of the world God has made for them. They have  the opportunity to explore and learn about Creation, weather, seasons, hygiene, nutrition,  animals, insects, gardening, and much more.