5th Grade

 Bible: Our fifth graders find knowledge, wisdom, and understanding from the Word of God. They  study materials that help them to comprehend, discern, apply, analyze, and evaluate a variety of  concepts for themselves. Students have memory verses, and they also learn applicable lessons  that will guide them in their daily walk with God. 

Spelling: Fifth grade students improve their spelling and vocabulary skills through learning new  words, various vowel and consonant patters, word construction, word parts, sentence structure,  dictionary use, and much more. They understand that God gave us the gift of words so that we  may know Him better and that we should strive to learn correct spelling and meanings.  

History: Students gain knowledge of how civilizations began. They see that God created the  world and that all history began with Adam and Eve. They learn everything from Creationism  and the Fertile Crescent, to modern 20th century events.  

English: Our English program enables fifth graders to develop the ability to apply their  knowledge of grammatical structure to their own thoughts and words. Topics include extensive  grammar study, types of essay writing, punctuation, and penmanship excellence altogether.    

 Reading: Our students sharpen their reading and comprehension skills through reading and  learning about various literary devices. We believe that this comprehension will be useful to  students so that they may better comprehend the Word of God. Types of texts covered include  many various stories, poems, and the Bible.    

Math: Students understand how to use numbers in everyday life. They understand that we can  learn more about God who created the world by using mathematics. Students understand the  importance of being precise and exact in the study of mathematics, and to learn the importance  of working hard to obtain the right answer.      

Science: Students gain an understanding of how God created everything for a purpose and with  the tools needed to survive. Our well-rounded science program covers topics such as various  animal categories, rocks and minerals, sea life, physical science, weather, plant life, and much  more. Students also have the opportunity to take field trips that reinforce what they learn.