4th Grade

Bible: Our fourth graders gain the necessary skills needed to better study God’s Word. Students  also learn the basic information needed to defend their faith. They will learn what a personal  relationship with God looks like, sin and its effects, salvation, the persons of God and how they  guide our lives, and much more.

History: Our students learn the history of the United States from a Biblical perspective – to see  how God worked in the formation of this country through people of great faith. They learn that God’s hand still works in the affairs of modern America, among many other famous historical  events.

Language Arts: Students in our language arts program understand the structure of the language  that God has given us. They learn to write sentences correctly, write a report, recognize the  eight parts of speech, read and write poetry, and much more through writing, revising in small  groups, and reading.

Math: Through a traditional study of arithmetic, our fourth graders are taught a math program  that promotes absolute truth as created by an orderly, rational God. They are expected to learn  and remember necessary facts which they will use in the solving of various math problems.  

Reading: Our fourth grade reading course reinforces Biblical truths through reader selections  that reflect Christian values and to develop reading skills that will enable students to better  understand the Bible. Many different types of literature are covered, as well as various reading  skills. 

Health: Students are taught about the marvelous body God has given them and to encourage  them to practice good health. Some topics include human anatomy, oral health, hygiene, and  much more.

Spelling: Students are equipped to apply spelling skills in order to produce accurate, God honoring written communication. They learn how to use a dictionary, extend their vocabulary,  and so much more in our spelling program.

Science: Students gain an understanding of the marvels of God’s creation through our science  program. Students appreciate the wonder of God’s plant and animal creations on earth, even  down to the molecular level of life, as well as the organizational wonder of the solar system and  constellations.