3rd Grade

Bible: Our Bible program guides students through the study of Christ and His Church. The  messages, parables, miracles, and life events of Jesus teach students to apply many valuable  principles to their lives. Students also see the building of God’s Church and the spreading of the  Gospel through the study of Bible characters and scripture memory verses.  

Health: Our health course stimulates our students’ interests in health, safety, and manners, so  that they can learn more about the body God has given them and how to take care of it. Topics  covered include nutrition and food groups, taking care of oneself and hygiene, treating others  the way we would want to be treated, the functions of the body, traffic rules, and much more.

History: Third graders gain an understanding of history through the biographies of great  Americans. The emphasis is on patriotism, character development, and the variety of  contributions made by Americans to our country.    

Language Arts: Students are introduced to a formal language class. They relearn topics that they  have studied in previous years through practice and review. Some of the topics studied include  thinking and writing skills to reinforce concepts while games, quizzes, and tests are used to  evaluate student comprehension. We also cover handwriting and spelling. Our handwriting  program includes cursive writing, as well as reading comprehension, creative writing, nature  study, phonics, dictionary usage, and reading charts. Our spelling program helps students learn  to correctly spell using words grouped by special phonics sounds, and they learn three new  vocabulary words per week to expand word usage.  

Math: Our third grade math program helps students lay a solid foundation for high school math,  and this is done by gradually introducing them to a higher level of abstraction. On top of many  mathematic concepts, students learn that math is a reflection of our orderly and rational God.  

Reading: Students increase their comprehension and develop phonics systematically in order to  become better readers and enjoy reading. Students also learn Christian character through a  variety of stories that emphasize Christian traits.

Science: Students gain understanding and appreciation of the wonder of God’s creation and  their place in His world through our third grade science program. They acquire knowledge about  themselves, animals, plants, weather, and different habitats. They have the opportunity to take  a field trip to reinforce what they have learned in the classroom.