2nd Grade

Bible: The second grade Bible curriculum focuses on the application of Biblical principles in the  lives of students. Students learn Bible facts to build a foundation for application. These Bible  facts are learned by a variety of teaching methods and student activities.  

Health: Students learn how to care for the body that God has given them. They are also taught  how to be courteous, along with good health and safety habits. The goal is for them to take  what they have learned about healthy living and apply it to their life at school and at home.  

History: Students will learn of the greatness and beauty of the United States. They learn how to  be good citizens, and they see how God has worked in the history of the United States. Students  also gain knowledge of basic geography.  

Language Arts: Our language arts program includes reading comprehension, creative writing,  and phonics. The language arts curriculum helps students develop success in reading by learning the correct phonetic sounds. Students also learn more about God through reading stories based  on sound scholarship, common sense, and the Word of God. 

Math: Our second grade math program is based on traditional concepts. It helps students to see  that math has structure, and it teaches them that God is a God of order. Students can give glory  to God as they are learning math because it promotes absolute truth and good work habits.  Students also memorize math facts and show that they understand math concepts by using  them in real life situations. Students have the foundation they need to learn higher  mathematics.  

Science: Our program allows students to gain an interest in science by studying God’s creation.  They learn about themselves, plants and animals, things that work together, things that move,  the solar system, and planet Earth. Students learn these things through reading their textbook,  hands-on activities, creative writing or drawing, and spiritual applications. By studying the world around them, students gain a deeper understanding of the wonderful God who made them.  

Spelling: Our spelling curriculum reinforces what is learned during phonics instruction. Words  are learned through written practice, games, and comprehension exercises. Students learn to  spell and define vocabulary words. Students also learn to spell words correctly so that they can  please God by doing their best. Poetry is also introduced.  

Writing: Our writing program teaches students to write in cursive. The emphasis is on neatness  and formation of cursive letters. Students are encouraged to do their best and use good work  habits to please God.