Lisa Blackerby

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Education: I have an Associates degree in Graphic Design from Johnson County Community College, a Bachelors degree with a dual major in Bible & Elementary Education from Calvary Bible College & Theological Seminar, and a Masters degree in Educational Leadership from Covenant College. I am currently working on dual Bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science at Clayton State University.

Years in Education: I have been in education since 2003.

My favorite teacher: My favorite high school teacher is my drafting teacher, Mr. Cross. My favorite college professor would be Dr. Barrett Mosbacker, who taught my Educational Leadership Master’s class.

Hobbies: Reading – when I have time, singing, listening to music and talk radio, and just relaxing at home 🙂

Family Info: We are originally from Independence, MO ( a suburb of Kansas City, MO) and have lived in Georgia since 2003. I have 2 daughters: Brittany and Veronica, and 4 sons: Austin, Seth, Joel, and Isaac. We also have a cat, Burrito.

These are a few of my favorite things… Any type of potato dish & dinner rolls w/butter, Moes, b&w photography, dark chocolate, crushed ice, and ALL Apple/Macintosh products.

Birthday: April 8th