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Terrific Thursday!

We are open for our guests every Thursday from 9:00 to 4:00 PM. Some of our younger children will leave at noon. Most all of our children in grades K3-6th grade will stay until 3:00 PM. Our middle school and High School students will dismiss at 3:30 PM. Our teachers normally leave around 4:30 PM.

We welcome you with open arms as you check us out. We realize how important the decision is for you, for we too have been where you are. So, please feel free to visit us any Thursday, and help us help you more by communicating with us, and by following our simple guidelines so we can best serve you!

Simple Guidelines for GRACE OPEN HOUSE:
1. Help us maintain security: Please check into the Welcome center and register.

2. Help keep order in the school and stay in touch with our students: Please keep your family together and especially keep up with your children so they do not find themselves in a class room taking a test!!

3. Help us point you in the right direction: Please review these guidelines and follow the map.

4. Help us get to know you: Please register and please ask questions so we can help you

5. Help us stay committed to educating our students: Please observe the class rooms from the hall way. Feel free to peek through the windows or doors. Please stay outside the rooms.

6. Help us put you in touch with your specific class rooms or teachers: Please feel free to make an appointment with a teacher after school. Most of our teachers are free to meet with you in person between 3:30 and 4:30 on Thursday.

7. Help us stay committed to our culture and values: We desire a ministry driven culture with a passion to exemplify Christ in our actions. Though we are not perfect, we are committed to excellence. Please conduct yourself in a manner that is respectful of our class room rules, school rules and guidelines. We prefer no food or drink in the building except the gym and lunchroom. We prefer you follow our admissions process and complete an application before you plan to meet with teachers on any other day than today. We appreciate your candor and feedback. We want to get to know you, so we can help you determine if we fit what you are looking for.

8. Help us share our admissions process with you. We can give you a brochure to outline the admission process. Formal tours will be given when you get to step 3.

9. Help us keep our students focused. Our students are happy that you are here to visit. However, some of them are easily distracted and they need your help. Please stay outside the classrooms, stay as quiet as possible and please keep your children quiet and well behaved.

10. Help us keep track of you. Please visit our website at and register your information. You will get access to our application and welcome packet.


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We are accredited by GACS, we are members of both ACSI and GACS, and we are a ministry of Fayette Bible Church.
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