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This page is designed to answer all of your questions regarding GRACE. If you still have questions after looking through this page, please give the school office a call at (770) 461-0137 and we would be glad to help.

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Questions from New Families

Our Before and After School Program

Standardized Clothing



Questions from new families

Q. Where can I find out about the school's calendar?

A. Please check our calendars page for more information about upcoming events.


Q. Is GRACE accredited?

A. Yes. GRACE is fully accredited by the GACS (Georgia Association of Christian Schools). The following is a statement from the GACS:

Recognition of GACS Accreditation

The accreditation program of the Georgia Association of Christian Schools has been recognized and approved by the following Georgia state boards and authorities:


The Georgia Board of Education:

The Georgia Board of Education has approved the Georgia Private School Accrediting Commission (GAPSAC) of which the Georgia Association of Christian Schools is a charter member. All schools provisionally or fully accredited by the GACS are entitled to benefits, including transfer of grades and credits to public schools, on the same basis as students from public schools. No additional tests over and above those required by public school students will have to be taken by students from GACS accredited schools, nor any additional measures whatsoever will be required.


Georgia Board of Regents:

The Georgia Board of Regents has approved graduates from GACS provisionally or fully accredited schools for entrance to colleges of the University System of Georgia (USG). However, individual colleges of the USG may place additional requirements, over and above those required for graduation by the Georgia Board of Education, on all students (from both public and private schools) applying to a particular college. Usually these requirements are based on the "Freshman Index", which is a combination of SAT scores and course grades from the student's cumulative grade point average (GPA).

For this reason, we recommend that any student planning to attend a college or university of the USG contact that particular college or those colleges no later than the beginning of the junior year of high school to be assured that the student is on track to meet admission requirements. Information on the Freshman Index may be requested from any college or university belonging to the University System of Georgia (USG).


Georgia Student Finance Authority (HOPE/Zell Miller Scholarships)

Graduates of schools which are candidates for accreditation, provisionally accredited, or fully accredited by the Georgia Association of Christian Schools are eligible for HOPE/Zell Miller Scholarships on the same basis as are graduates from public schools in Georgia. Application for these scholarships may be made through the Georgia college or university to which the student has applied.

Q. Are your teachers certified?

A. Yes. Our teachers are certified through the Georgia Association of Christian Schools.


Q. Does my child have to attend Fayette Bible Church in order to attend GRACE?

A. No, but we do ask that our families attend a local church. The admissions packet includes a Pastoral Recommendation Form to give to your Pastor or Youth Minister.


Q. How large is each class?

A. Our class size varies by grade, but typically, we like to keep our classes around 20 students.


Q. Are there Honors classes available at the High School?

A. Yes. GRACE offers an option for Honors classes starting in the ninth grade in the following subjects: math, science, English, and social studies.

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Our Before School and After School Program

Before School Program:

MS/HS Billing Hours: From 6:45AM to 7:45AM

Elementary Billing Hours: From 6:45AM to 8:05AM

Cost: $4.80 per hour, per student, OR $2.40 per 30 minutes or any part thereof


After School Program:

Elementary/MS Billing Hours: From 3:31PM to 6:30PM

HS Billing Hours: From 3:31PM to 6:30PM

Cost: $4.80 per hour, per student, OR $2.40 per 30 minutes or any part thereof

Cost after 6:30 PM: $12.00 per student for the first 5 minutes, and a $1.20 for every minute thereafter


Billing and Policies

  1. GRACE faculty and staff will calculate all charges using an atomic clock/cell phone.
  2. Statements are sent in the mail the first of each month with charges listed from the previous month. Detailed statements are available on RenWeb.
  3. Statements are due upon receipt, and late charges accrue after the 7th of the month.
  4. Students with accounts past due of 30 days or more will not be allowed in the program.
  5. Students cannot be left on campus unattended in the morning or afternoon without faculty or staff supervision. This includes student drivers.
  6. Any student in grades K3-5 dropped off at GRACE before 8:05 AM will be charged for the Before School Program
  7. Any student in grades 6-12 dropped off at GRACE before 7:45 AM will be charged for the Before School Program.
  8. For siblings of students participating in sports or extracurricular activities, the charge is price per hour. This will not include away games (All soccer and baseball games are considered away games), off-campus activities, or non-school sponsored events.
  9. Any student who is ill needs to be picked up immediately.
  10. Parents or authorized persons are only allowed to pick up their students. In order to authorize someone else to pick up your student, please update your Authorized Pick Up List located in the front office.
  11. Cell phones and other electronic devices may be used with permission only.

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Standardized Clothing

Q. What is standardized clothing at GRACE Christian Academy?

GRACE “standards for dress” is an expression of our vision for a strong ministry culture, so our students can honor God with their appearance.  It is our way to encourage unity and oneness among our students while discouraging the growth of subcultures, negative peer groups and cliques.


Q. Why would Grace want to have standards of dress for all students?

Improves classroom performance, attitude, and school spirit among students, gives all students a chance to develop a positive self image, eliminates the significant peer pressure imposed on them, provides an excellent opportunity to standardize the dress code for our school, provides a less expensive dress alternative than today's costly styles, and makes getting ready for school an easy task for parents and students. In addition, standards for dress may help reduce bullying, branding, and bias while encouraging unity, service and professionalism.


Q. Where do I purchase my child's uniform?

1. J & R Clothing: Over the past 40+ years J&R Clothing has been a proven leader in the community by providing customers with most of their clothing needs. J&R Clothing has been a family store since the store opened and has offered a wide variety of clothing for the whole family. They also provide free alterations on most purchases.

J&R Clothing is located at 1307 HWY 85 Fayetteville, GA 30214.
Telephone: 770-461-3440
Store Hours:
Mon-Fri 9:30 - 8:00
Sat 9:30 - 7:00
Sun 12:30 - 5:30


2. Buckhead Uniforms: For over 60 years Buckhead Uniforms has provided superb customer service, excellent quality of clothing – (guarantees the finest suppliers), extensive range of sizes, inventory availability, and best of all, liberal return policy – (Buckhead Uniforms accepts returns at any time provided the merchandise has not been washed, worn, or altered and the tags are on the garments).  In addition, convenient shopping hours - Buckhead Uniforms has extended back to school retail hours, as well as 24 hour a day online internet shopping @


Q. Do I have to purchase all of my clothing at J&R Clothing or Buckhead Uniforms?

No, currently, GRACE only requires students to purchase “at least one red knit short sleeve, or long sleeve polo” with the GRACE logo from Buckhead clothing.  You may also purchase khaki, black or navy knit or cotton approved shirts. ALL approved shirts MUST be purchased from J&R Clothing or Buckhead clothing. If a student decides to wear a jacket or sweater throughout the day at GRACE, these may be purchased at Buckhead Uniforms. Approved hooded jackets and Friday t-shirts are available for purchase through Jonesboro Sports.


Q. Do I have to purchase outerwear (jackets, coats and sweaters) from either J&R Clothing, Buckhead Uniforms or Jonesboro Sports?

Yes, if you plan to wear these in class or anywhere during school.  Any outerwear (jackets, sweaters, vests, coats) that students want to wear all the time, or throughout the day MUST have the approved GRACE logo and purchased from Buckhead Uniforms or Jonesboro Sports. You may wear any jacket or coat ONLY to school and AWAY from school, or during outside recess.


Q. Do I have to buy additional clothing items from J&R Clothing or Buckhead Uniforms?

No, you can purchase these items (skirts, shorts, skorts, jumpers, shoes, socks, belts, etc.) from any store as long as they fit the standards as outlined on the standardized clothing form. ONLY standardized shirts are a required purchase from Buckhead Uniforms.


Q. Can I take knit polo shirts or clothing purchased from other stores and have J&R Clothing or Buckhead Uniforms put on the approved GRACE logo?

No, You must purchase the approved shirts from them and they are the only ones allowed to imprint the Grace Christian Academy logo.


Q. Do I have to wear the standardized clothing every day at GRACE?

You must wear standardized clothing Monday through Friday unless you choose to participate in Friday Dress Down Day. Please read the next question for details about dress down days.   


Q. What does Friday dress look like?

Friday Dress Down Day – Students are required to wear standardized clothing OR they may wear approved GRACE t-shirts and navy or black jeans (without holes) or knee-length jean skirts. In addition, they may wear the older versions of GRACE polo shirts, GRACE t-shirts, GRACE sweatshirts or hooded sweatshirts.


Q. Do I have to tuck my shirt in at GRACE at all times?

Yes, all shirts must be tucked in and an approved belt must be worn at all times. Fashion fit tops and certain athletic wear shirts for girls only are not required to be tucked in. These shirts may be identified by the slits located on the sides.


Please click here to download (in pdf form) our school requirements for both boys and girls.


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