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Our Vision: To become a spiritually focused academy with elite programs that will prepare and inspire students to move into the marketplace to impact lives forever for Christ.

Our Core Values: What we believe in

Everything we do at GRACE is guided by a set of Core Values. The BIBLE is our handbook for living, and our guidebook for serving God in ministry at GRACE. The values of ministry, integrity and leadership are foundational in training students who will serve God forever. 


B-Biblical centered: An organization where people rely on God’s principles for their actions

I-Integrity: An organization where people do the right thing for the right reasons

B- Best Practices: An organization where people put forth their best efforts, and use best practices

L-Leadership Development: An organization where people grow and develop leadership skills

E – Engaged in ministry: An organization where people are doing ministry at work and church


Our Code: How we act
Our code inspires our actions and choices at GRACE. It helps us create a ministry-driven culture where we can support each other and achieve God’s plan for our academy. As a LEADER, my actions influence my colleagues, students and GRACE families.

L- Lead: I choose to be a positive influence and serve those around me

E-Encourage: I choose to build others up and lift up the organization with my words

A- Answer: I choose to be responsible and held accountable for my attitude, actions and results

D-Disciple: I choose to grow in God’s Word on a daily basis and this helps others do the same

E-Ever Improve: I choose to get better as a person, forever improving in my Christian life.

R-Real:  I choose to be transparent, and to admit my need for help from God and others!

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GRACE Christian Academy is a K3 through 12th grade Christian school located in Fayetteville, Georgia.
We are accredited by GACS, we are members of both ACSI and GACS, and we are a ministry of Fayette Bible Church.
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