Grace Christian Academy

Mr. Lewis Moye
Algebra I & II, 8-10 Sciences

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Mr. MoyeEducation: I have an Associates degree and a Bachelor of Science degree from Georgia State University. I majored in Chemistry and minored in Physics. I earned my Masters Degree in 1979 from Bob Jones University in Pastoral Studies.

Years in Education: I have been in education since 1991. I have taught high school for 26 years, and college night classes for 6 years.

Why I became a teacher: I enjoy science and math and I enjoy sharing it with others. I like showing the relationship between modern science and Biblical knowledge.

Hobbies: Black powder revolvers and rifles, swords and ancient weaponry and carpentry.

Family Info: I have 2 sons, David and John.

Favorite Food: Chinese Chow Mein

Other Things: I also teach college classes at Georgia Baptist College. I teach Creation Science, Biological Science Survey, and Physical Science Survey.

Birthday: December 14th

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