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K5 Reading Program

Our K5 class starts out reading early. We believe that this is key. Our K4 students end the
year reading, and so we want our K5 students reading as soon as possible thereby reinforcing
all of the previously learned rules. Our students have already mastered the basic phonics rules in K4, and so our K5 students work through charts which include more advanced phonics sounds.
They begin the year with sounds such as "ck in duck", "st in stop" and "tr in train". They typically end the year with sounds such as "tain in mountain", "sion in missionary", and "eigh in eight".
All through the year, our K5 students are reading...and writing as well. The Georgia Department
of Education standard for writing is "write letters of the alphabet and begin to represent words
with letters" and "recognize sentences and begin to understand that sentences begin with capital letters and end with some type of punctuation". Our K5 kids greatly surpass that standard.
By the end of the year, our K5 students are writing sentences and even writing three sentence stories with titles. Our kids were simply "writing letters" back in K4. Visit the Curriculum
page to view some of the other things our K5 students are doing.

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