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7 Reasons to enroll your child at GRACE

class of 2007

#1- Do you offer an accredited education?--Yes! Your student can qualify for the HOPE scholarship at GCA. In 2006, a team of principals came to Fayetteville and examined our school thoroughly. We are very proud that at that time, the GACS granted us full accreditation. This means that a diploma from GCA is recognized by the Georgia Board of Education, the Georgia Board of Regents, and the HOPE Scholarship Commission.

#2-Do you offer accelerated academic programs?--Yes! Your student will experience top notch academics at GCA. Your student can excel academically in many areas from K3 all the way up to 12th grade. For example, reading is strongly emphasized for our younger children. Please see the page about our K4 and K5 Accelerated Reading program. Furthermore, accelerated courses begin in the 8th grade, and continue through the 12th grade. We offer many honors level and Advanced Placement classes.

#3-Do you offer Bible classes?—Yes! Your student will engage in dynamic Bible teaching at all grade levels. At the Middle and High School levels, your student will be guided through a series of courses designed to introduce them to topics generally covered at fundamental Bible colleges. From the foundational Old and New Testament survey courses, to Systematic Theology and Apologetics, your student will not only learn to read the Bible, he will learn to study the Bible and defend his faith. In addition, your student will graduate with nearly a hundred scripture verses memorized to compliment his worldview training.

#4- Do you offer an athletic program?—Yes! Your student will receive opportunities to grow spiritually and physically at GCA through our competitive athletic program. For girls and boys from first to fifth grade, we offer sports training in an organized and fun atmosphere for soccer and basketball through our intramural program. For Middle and High School, students can compete in cross country, volleyball, soccer, baseball, cheer, and basketball. Dynamic coaching and competitive platforms through the Georgia Christian Athletic Association (GCAA) challenge our students to apply their athletic skills.

#5-Do you offer Leadership Training?—Yes! Your student will get challenged to help develop and maintain our strong leadership culture which sets our school apart from all other private Christian schools in southeast Atlanta. Our leadership program is about training students to become servant-leaders, positive influencers and self-disciplined Christians. Through specific leadership courses, clubs and camps, your student will learn how to lead from a practical and a classroom setting. Many students will exemplify leadership skills throughout the year and become eligible for our annual “Leadership Challenge” camp.

#6-Do you offer fine arts programs for all grades--Yes! Your student will experience an extremely creative and innovative music program using personal talents to express themselves through song, drama and creative movement. Our elementary students perform an annual musical production, and participate in a variety of fine art opportunities. For grades 4-12, students can perform as soloists, or join choral groups and ensembles for the annual fine arts competition. In addition, students compete in spelling, academics, Bible, art, drama, speech, preaching and writing. In the elementary grades, students are introduced to creative and fun art techniques while high school students are engaged in art classes that touch on a variety of art mediums used in an array of school projects.

#7-Do you offer a spiritually motivated environment--Yes! Your student’s day to day activities will be influenced by a dedicated team of Christian educators who strive to positively impact students for God in a real way. GRACE Christian Academy is serious about training Christian students academically, spiritually, physically and socially. Though our environment is not suited for every student, your child could benefit from our ministry driven culture that strives to prepare students to impact our world for Christ.

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